RTM Live

Watch 8 RTM Channel : TV1 , TV2 , TV Okey , Berita RTM , Sukan RTM , TV6 , Parlimen Dewan Rakyat , Parlimen Dewan Negara on any IPTV players

Before you use this playlist

  1. This playlist uses manifest from RTM official online streaming website : https://rtmklik.rtm.gov.my
  2. This playlist isn’t geo-restricted , you can play it with any country IP.
  3. This playlist isn’t affiliated with https://rtmklik.rtm.gov.my !
  4. This playlist uses #EXTVLCOPT:http-referrer & #EXTVLCOPT:http-user-agent & |Referer to define the correct referer and user-agent. Your IPTV player must support these tags in order to let this playlist work smoothly.
  5. Date & Time in UTC+08 when the EPG is downloaded to this repo via Github Actions is available at here.

Where to get this playlist

Add this url : https://rtm.samsam123.name.my/rtm-live.m3u8 into your favourite IPTV apps and you are good to go.


This playlist contain EPG from weareblahs/epg/rtmklik.xml.

This playlist use mirrored version located at samleong123/rtm-live/rtmklik.xml.

Github Actions of this repo will download the EPG from weareblahs/epg/rtmklik.xml everyday.

Channel code/number in this playlist:

  1. TV1 - RTMK01
  2. TV2 - RTMK02
  3. TV Okey - RTMK03
  4. Berita RTM - RTMK04
  5. Sukan RTM - RTMK05
  6. TV6 - RTMK06
  7. Dewan Rakyat - RTMK07
  8. Dewan Negara - RTMK08

Available Channels

This playlist contains channel below :

  1. TV1
  2. TV2
  3. TV Okey
  4. Berita RTM
  5. Sukan RTM
  6. TV6
  7. Dewan Rakyat
  8. Dewan Negara


This playlist contain 8 channels with HLS + MPEG-DASH manifest.


Create an issue if you experienced any problem that didn’t stated in README.md


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  2. rtmklik